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Fossil fuels provide both energy and raw materials such as ethene, for the production of other substances.

The structure of this trail set out below. On the left hand side is where you would go if you were to follow the Quick Tour trail, while on the right hand side are the extra places you will go if you follow the Scenic Route trail.

Quick Tour

Scenic Route

Sources of Petroleum
Crude Oil Composition
The Composition of Unleaded
Social Implications and History
Introduction to Cracking
Catalytic Cracking of Petroleum
More about Catalytic Cracking
More about Thermal Cracking
Properties of Alkanes and Alkenes
Ethene as a monomer
Reactivity of Ethene
More Reactions of Ethene
Poly(ethene) as a Polymer
More about poly(ethene)
Addition Polymerisation
Condensation Polymerisation
Mechanism Comparison
Victory of the Polymer Concept
Free Radical Polymerisation
History of Polyolefins
Commercial Polymers
Uses and Structures
Temperatures Properties
Polymers as glues
End of Trail