Polymer Glossary


The Discovery website has an extensive glossary of chemical, economic and geographic terms. Modern browsers supporting JavaScript (designed for Netscape or Internet Explorer 4 or higher) will be able to show you glossary entries term-by-term in a separate window, allowing you to contiue reading the trail.

Alternatively, the glossary can be viewed (and printed!) in its entirety, using the Show All button within the glossary window.

The glossary is cross-referenced and also contains external links and diagrams to help illustrate the subject matter.

Please note that due to a number of "undocumented features" in both Internet Explorer and Netscape, you will need to click twice on glossary entries each time you load a new page of the trail (the first click establishes a connection between the existing glossary window and the page in the trail and the second click loads the new glossary entry).