Navigation through a Trail


The navigation system in this site was designed to provide easy access to the pages within this site, whilst allowing pages to be bookmarked. If you start a module and wish to return to it later, it is simple to bookmark the page you are currently on. Being able to bookmark pages was central to the decision not to use frames in the design.

The principal method of navigation throughout through the trails is the Previous and Next buttons at the top and bottom of each page. These buttons take you sequentially through every page in the trail ensuring that you don't miss anything.

In the case of the page shown here, the Previous button would take you back to the page about nomenclature, while the Next button would take you to the next page about Ethene, "Reactivity of Ethene".

Additionally, the home icon takes you back to the list of available trails. You can make use of this feature if you are just browsing through the site or wanting to look for specific informaiton.