The Trail Concept


Fitting in with the Syllabus

Many sections of the NSW Stage 6 (HSC) Chemistry Syllabus have material in them that relies upon a knowledge of polymer chemistry. Some of these sections have direct references to natural or synthetic polymers, others are concerned with general industrial processes that may be quite nicely presented in the context of polymer chemistry. Each of these sections has been set out as a trail within these education resources.

Each trail has within it a number of different pages that directly relate to the material described within the syllabus. This information has been pieced together in a story that covers all of the aspects of the syllabus. In line with the emphasis on teaching 'in context', we have taken time to find interesting stories from the history of polymer chemistry and modern processes that are used as part of the pertrochemical industry.

Layout of a Trail

The trails (such as this one) are constructed in a linear fashion to help you cover all the material within them. All information is presented in easily digestible, bite-sized pieces. (Hmmm.... there's a lot of talk about food in all of this. I hope everyone's stomach juices are going!)

Each trail offers multiple modes of learning, including being used as a principle resource, a reference to supplement other texts, in teacher-centred learning, student-centred learning or self-directed learning. The trails are also suitable to multiple methods of delivery including distribution as printable notes or used in on-line browsing. Importantly, in following through the trail sequentially, all essential information for meeting Syllabus requirements will be presented.

If you're using these pages in a context other than NSW HSC Syllabus, each trail still presents a sensible module of work, with logically connected information.