Chemistry Resources

Structure Drawing and Viewing
ISIS/Draw is free for academic and personal home use. It is very easy to use and the tool of choice for many of our researchers. Structures can be pasted into MS Word and other word processors easily.
ChemDraw is part of the richly-featured ChemOffice suite. It is available for both PC and Mac. Old versions are available for free download.
RasMol is a 3D structure viewing program suitable for viewing proteins and other large molecules.
ChemWindows is a drawing tool capable of drawing structures and apparatus. A demo version is available.

Chemistry Directories
MetaChem is a catalogue of chemistry resources useful for people studying chemistry.
Yahoo Chemistry is part of the Yahoo Science directories. It has subsections for various subdisciplines.

Chemical and Equipment Suppliers
Sigma-Aldrich are a large chemical and scientific supplier with a presence in Australia. provides the easiest way of getting quotes for purchasing new equipment.
Selby-Biolab are suppliers of equipment suitable for biological or biochemical applications.

General Science Resources
The Lab is the ABC Science Unit's gateway to the world of science and technology.
I/O is the ABC Science Unit's mailing lists interface. The TEACHING-SCIENCE and SCIENCE-MATTERS lists provide a forum for users to discuss science and science teaching and ask questions. The SCIENCE-UPDATES list tells you what science things are coming up in the next week on ABC Radio and TV. is a site where you can ask and answer questions. Most questions will get a sensible answer within 24 hours. Questions are answered by other WHquestion users and can vary in quality. A very useful resource none-the-less. provides science (particularly physics) news, views, questions, educational resources and software.
Chemical Information for structures, synonyms and physical properties.
Vermont Safety Information Resources or their Californian Mirror. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) collection. MSDSs for a large number of chemicals from a variety of suppliers.
NIST Chemistry WebBook is a place to access the data of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Useful for physical and chemical properties.
WebElements is a useful, interactive periodic table. The first and the best (well, in our opinion!).

Education Resources
Uniserve Science maintain a list of online resources that may be useful for teaching Australian science courses.
UNSW Chemistry Teaching Resources are a set of resources and notes for the NSW HSC Chemistry Syllabus.
The Macrogalleria is a great education resource for polymers and polymer chemistry. Highly recommended!
The Surfactants Virtual Library contains links to other surfactant websites, information about common products and ways of obtaining samples of surfactants.

Board of Studies
The NSW Board of Studies coordinates all NSW Syllabi.
Information about the Syllabus can be found on the Board of Studies website.
Board bullentins also provide useful information about the syllabus include changes to the syllabus.

Have you got some useful resources that you think we should include? If you do, please send us some feedback and if we think it might be useful to other people, we'll add it in.