Module Outline

Other resources, such as ethanol, are readily available from plants. Such renewable resources will be of increasing importance as fossil fuel reserves are depleted.

The structure of this trail set out below. On the left hand side is where you would go if you were to follow the Quick Tour trail, while on the right hand side are the extra places you will go if you follow the Scenic Route trail.

Quick Tour

Scenic Route

Dehydration Reactions & Ethanol
Hydration Reactions to form Ethanol
Ethanol as a Solvent
Ethanol as a Fuel
Fermentation Conditions
Chemistry of Fermentation
Combustion of Ethanol
Calorimetry and Heat of Combustion
Measuring Heat and Energy
Other Ways to Calculate Heat of Combustion
Potential of Ethanol
Protential in Chemistry
Potential in Non-Ideal Chemistry
Protential in Ecology